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Service & Maintenance

My Home

I have acquired one of the most unique, innovative and iconic symbols of prestige and life style. And naturally, I deserve nothing less than comprehensive and competent service from Hybrid Cargotecture Product Development/ Service Centre owned and managed by Hybrid Cargotecture Development Private Limited (HCD ) . Having been in the forefront of innovative and luxurious housing solutions, Hybrid Cargotecture Service Centre is the only qualified service provider that I can rely on for authentic care for my Hybrid House in Sri Lanka.

Hybrid Housing and buildings are engineered with innovative Hybrid Cargotecture Technology (HCT), which uses both recycled shipping containers and other eco friendly materials for construction.

Hybrid Housing posses wide range of exclusive housing features, thus only factory trained technical professional from HCD are qualified to service and maintain these specialized buildings with accuracy and care. Their exceptional skills and state of the art equipment’s shall ensure smooth diagnosis and speedy repairs of my Hybrid House.

When it comes to service standards, they are committed to restoring everything from an old shipping container to a latest Hybrid Hosing or a Building.

Every Hybrid House sold by Hybrid Cargotecture is backed by warranty and wide range of Hybrid Services, ensuring that my Hybrid House brings me lifetime happiness. 

My Service Package

My Paint


When it comes to my Hybrid House, Beauty is more than the skin deep. Its unique exterior with Marine/Auto grade paintwork offers significantly greater and improved gloss appearance in comparison to other houses. Further these specialized Marine/Auto grade paints keep the exterior wall panels protected from any form of corrosion that may occur during the lifetime of my house.

With My Paint Package, I can decide and change the exterior color of my hybrid house to any color of my choice.

This is why Hybrid Hosing offers a range of Paint Packages to keep my Hybrid House in dazzling condition and shape. 

My Interior


My Hybrid House interior is as important as its exterior, as it will affect my living comforts in more ways than one. With Hybrid Cargotecture Interior Package, I can be sure that the interior, walls, ceiling and the floors of my Hybrid House is cleaned and repaired for long-term durability and hygiene, to provide truly comfortable living.

With My Interior, I have the option to include the service and maintenance of my bathroom, which include service, and/or replacement of the interior floors, walls, windows, equipment’s, plumbing work, electrical work and other related work. 

My Doors & Windows


My Hybrid House comes with various types of eco friendly materials for its doors and windows. With the frequency of usage overtime, there is a tendency for high wear and tear of lock, latches and other parts of these doors and windows.

With My Doors & Windows Package, I can be sure that locks are properly lubricated if not replaced to ensure that my doors and windows are in perfect condition for long-term durability and security of my Hybrid House. 


Like any house that is unique and achieves extraordinary comforts and safety, my Hybrid House too requires regular service and maintenance. Hybrid Cargotecture’s 12-month warranty covers my entire Hybrid House, which is manufactured as per HCD guidelines using recommended materials. This warranty includes free workmanship for any repairs of my Hybrid House that becomes necessary during the warranty period.

Further, I am privileged to have lifetime service and maintenance from them at very attractive discounts. 


Period                                  Discount 

1 Year                                Free*

2-5 Year                            10% for Materials & Labour 

5-10 Year                          20% for Materials & Labour 

10–20 Years                     25% for Materials & Labour 

Over 20 Years                  30% for Materials & Labour

*Conditions Apply

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